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Smudge Sticks

Smudge Sticks

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In today’s world, we all need a little help to feel positive, centered, and at peace. Whether you are someone who believes in spiritual cleansing, or not smudging is a key ingredient in providing a purified state of mind. Smudging is an essential ritual to purify all the negativity in your life. We have to pay attention to what our energy is telling us. We live in a detached state of mind with technology separating us from connecting to ourselves and others. Smudging can help us connect to a healthier and happier state of living.

What each herb is used for:

  • Rosemary: Expands mental clarity, while bringing about increased energy. Also aligns with improving memory + releasing any negative/anchoring thoughts.
  • White Sage: Considered sacred by many spiritualists, especially among Native Americans + indigenous peoples. It's believed to cleanse space from negative energy + evil spirits. White sage is also known for neutralizing the air against mold, dust, pollution, and pet dander. It also helps to repel insects.
  • Rose Petals: Associated with the element of love, beauty + wisdom. Rose is a powerful tonic, helping to open the heart up to both giving + receiving pure unconditional love.


How to use:

  • Set any intention you wish to set, before beginning.
  • Open a window, to allow for the smoke + negative energy to be released.
  • Light the unwrapped end of your smudge stick over a flameproof bowl/plate + allow it to catch a flame before gently blowing out.
  • Wave the stick around the desired space in which you wish to cleanse (your house, a specific room, your car, or even yourself) really focusing on the corners of the area + behind doors.
  • Repeat any prayers, mantras, or affirmations while smudging.
  • Once finished, you can allow the smudge stick to extinguish on its own (under your supervision+ or you can gently press it into the earth or your flameproof bowl/plate.


For more details + information, visit @thebotanicalsanctuary on instagram


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